Agriculture and Fisheries

European agriculture and forestry must deal with dwindling natural resources, the effects of climate change, the changing global demographic and the need to provide a sustainable, safe and secure food supply for its citizens . The goal is to provide agriculture and forestry with the required knowledge and tools to support productive, resource-efficient and resilient systems that supply food, feed and other biobased raw-materials without compromising ecosystem services, while supporting the development of incentives and policies for thriving rural livelihoods.

Many challenges currently face the European fisheries and aquaculture sectors: a large number of Community fish stocks are overexploited and aquaculture production is stagnating in Europe while world production is increasing, especially in Asia. To tackle these issues, the EU is supporting research in a variety of areas to underpin better fisheries management and promote the sustainable and competitive development of aquaculture.

Research Areas and main EC funded projects: Link

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