MISSION POSSIBLE - the exhibition

The BIOPROM exhibition with the title MISSION POSSIBLE -- will Bioeocnomy save the world? took place at the four different science centres:

  • Italy: Rome, "Explora" (April to November 2013)
  • UK: Aberdeen, "Satrosphere" (November 2013 to April 2014)
  • Austria: Wels, "Welios" (May to October 2014)
  • Estonia: Tallinn, "Energiekeskus" (October 2014 to February 2015)

The BIOPROM exhibition has been hosted at these centres for up to 6 months each and included interactive exhibits where people from young to old could learn about bioeconomy in a simple way.

The exhibition was divided into three main sections; Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Wellbeing, and Biotechnology and Life Sciences. There was also a central briefing and feedback area. The exhibition itself was made up of panels – which gave information about the three areas – touch screens (located on three of the panel desks and on the benches) and interactive games. 

The screens gave information about the workshops, while the games related to their corresponding area (e.g. catch a fish – Agriculture and Fisheries – was designed to promote sustainable fishing). The starting point for any visit was the briefing area. There, a television screen showed videos with bioeconomy themes and the exhibtion guide explained bioeconomy and the exhibition.

Workshops were designed to last approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size and capability for a group. Each workshop ideally had no more than 20 children. The workshops followed a standard template of: Problem – Workshop – Solution. The workshop was preceded by the briefing and followed by feedback.

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